Catalina Infante Beovic

Catalina Infante Beovic is a Chilean writer, publisher, and co-owner of Librería Catalonia in Chile. She has written three books of short stories of the Indigenous peoples of Chile, authored the picture book Dichos redichos and the artist’s book Postal nocturna, and in 2018 published her first book of stories, Todas somos una misma sombra. “Ferns,” published in 2020 by WLT and subsequently nominated for a Pushcart Prize, was her English-language debut.

  • An aerial photograph of a dry river bed cutting through a dessicated landscape
    Catalina Infante Beovic
    My son wants to play with his paper boat in the dirty dishwater. I leave the faucet running for him so that we can form an imaginary sea. The sink is clogged with food, but he’s unaware—a freeing inn...
  • A river runs through a brown-green forest with a snow-covered mountain in the distance
    Catalina Infante Beovic
    Photo by Trevor Vannoy on Unsplash THE CITY—rainy, with moody skies and smoke rising from the rooftops—gazes at the yawning lake that protects her, as if searching for somethi...
  • A human eye peers from the gap between numerous overlapping fern fronds
    June 8, 2020 | Catalina Infante Beovic
    Photo: Quentin Lagache / Unsplash In this story of lengthy quarantine due to an unnamed virus, a woman sneaks into the mountain to collect ferns—many ferns. Simultaneously evoking life und...

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